APIS ERC-20 on Bitberry Wallet News

Hello, this is APIS team.

APIS ERC-20 token will be registered in Bitberry Wallet!

You can now use APIS ERC-20 token on a simple & safe Wallet, Bitberry.

Bitberry Wallet is developed by Rootone Soft, a subsidiary of Dunamu.

Bitberry is equipped with convenient functions such as Kakao account login, Kakao Pay certification, Phone number transfer, etc.

Furthermore, it has formed partnerships with the foremost Blockchain firms including Upbit, Lamda256, Mossland, etc and supports more than 70 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmo coin(COSM), Contents Protocol token(CPT).

Besides, with Wallet management hacks of Upbit such as rigorous security system and Cold wallet backup, Bitberry got the best quality security system.

From now, manage you APIS ERC-20 token with more convenience and security with Bitberry Wallet!

You can download Bitberry Wallet via link below.

- Bitberry Wallet Download: