APIS x Primas Partnership News

APIS and Primas have formed partnership!

About Primas

Primas has a goal to realize healthy internet environment, and planning to create DTCP protocol(Decentralized Trusted Content Protocol) based opened, interactive, and reliable high-quality internet environment to realize their goal.

DTCP, a technology of Primas is upgraded version of World Wide Web. It creates unmodifiable, and secure unique ID to guarantee content metadata(published time, publisher’s identity, etc.) with integrity.

Some of Primas’ technologies have already received certifications by MIIT(中国工信部, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China) and raised investment from Fenbushi Capital, one of the biggest blockchain capital in China.

Also, Primas has formed partnerships with major Media corporates.

Official website:

Through Partnership

Through partnership, variety of information posted on APIS Platform is now would also get to be published as high-quality contents with standardized and reliable metadata based on DTCP by Primas.

User data verification and credit rating system based on DNA of Primas, will help to reinforce community function and secure mutual trust in APIS Platform.

Furthermore, technical exchanging regarding data anti-forgery technology will be a great help to improve the reliability of information on our APIS Platform.

It means efficiency of content utilization on our platform will be increased with a broad measure, and functions running in our platform like copious knowledge data and optimized searching sequence based on connections between contents, will be improved significantly.

Also, forming a partnership with Primas which has a massive community in China, country with massively growing contents market, will be a great strength to APIS.

Through the partnership with Primas, have a goal to build next-generation content value ecosystem, APIS Team will do our best to reach our goal; expend blockchain ecosystem and lowering the barriers of cryptocurrency.