APIS x Walton Blockchain Institute Partnership News

Hello, this is APIS team.

APIS and the Walton Blockchain Institute have signed the Blockchain Technology training Agreement!

About Walton Blockchain Institute

Established as a non-profit foundation with the approval of the Ministry of Science and ICT, Walton Blockchain Research Institute aims to foster technical experts who can be directly applied to research and ground across diverse areas of lifestyle and more that require blockchain technology.

The top experts of the Walton Blockchain Education Research Institute strive to create new jobs with the company members and their associated agencies through specialized programs such as job customization, new businesses and real-life projects.

▷Official website:

Through Business agreement

As a member of the Walton Blockchain Research Institute, we hope that this collaboration would supply qualified developers in the future with the great training infrastructure of the Walton Blockchain research institute.

We will also contribute to the development of the blockchain workforce through the sign — up and business agreement.

Thank you.

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