APIS Wallet update; reinstallation required News

Hello, this is APIS team.
Due to the APIS Core Wallet update with core improvement and bug correction, reinstallation is required.
You can reinstall simply after exiting APIS Core Wallet without deleting the original file.

※ Linux users should check APIS Core Update as well via official website and follow the guide as well.

Here are the major issues corrected.
- intermittent sync disorder
- Address input/copy/paste error with those which include ‘0x’
- Peer limit setting disorder
- Enhancing APIS Core Wallet security

APIS team has modified APIS Core Wallet’s design and system for error correction and improvement to transform the Wallet into even easier and more convenient form.

Please note the precaution below.

1. Please back up the private key or Keystore file before you reinstall the Wallet.
2. Please note that you are responsible for the problem caused by using the program without updates.

Thank you.

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