Mainnet launch! Dec. 29. 2018 News

Hello, this is APIS Team.
Here we announce the APIS mainnet launch date you’ve been waiting for.

We’re launching Mainnet on Dec. 29. 2018 13:00 (UTC+8).

It takes some time to set the contracts that build APIS Blockchain(Mineral System, Address Masking, etc) after the Genesis Block creation and APIS team will execute POS mining for an hour (about 450 Blocks) to stabilize the Blockchain and all those mined APIS will be burned.

We’re starting APIS platform open Beta and Two-way swap.

To prevent the confusion, there will be two options of [ERC-20 APIS Token] and [APIS Mainnet Coin / APIS] for Two-way swap.

For Korean and Japanese announcement, click the link below.