APIS Platform OPEN Beta Platform

Hello, this is APIS Team.
We’re starting APIS platform open Beta and you can access to following services from now.

1. You can participate in Masternode.

1) You can participate in our own APIS Masternode and DASH/PIVX/SYS Masternode after depositing APIS.
2) You can participate in other Masternodes with 12,500 APIS minimum and the amount will change afterward.
3) The cancelation fee of other Masternodes participation is about 3% and it will change after the mainnet launch.
4) Withdrawal of ‘Other coins except APIS’ will be on hold until the two-way swap system is stabilized.
5) On APIS platform, you can participate in APIS Masternode though you have more than 50,000 / 200,000 / 500,000 APIS.
(You can participate in Masternode though you have more than the exact amount in your account.)

2. Two-way swap support

Two-way swap is available only through APIS platform. Two-way swap is a swap system designed to minimize the possible difficulties and confusion during mainnet switch.

※ Please find out more details at the ‘note’ below.

3. Deposit and withdrawal of APIS coin

APIS coin deposit will be available when APIS platform open Beta starts.
APIS coin withdrawal will be available from Dec. 29. 2018 and you can withdraw after 72 hours from your first deposit. To stabilize an early main chain, we will combine automatic withdrawal and manual confirm. We will keep increasing the automatic withdrawal rate.

There is time and amount limit to monitor the platform and main chain overload.

[Minimum deposit commission]
Less than 5,000 APIS: 500 APIS commission
- The deposit commission will be charged to prevent malicious server attack by creating excessive transactions.

Withdrawal is available after 72 hours from the first deposit and the commision is 1,000 APIS.

[Withdrawal limit]
Daily withdrawal limit: 1000,000 APIS
Automatic withdrawal limit: 200,000APIS

[Available time]
Less than 200,000 APIS: Automatic withdrawal, no restriction
200,000 APIS - 1,000,000 APIS: Requires approval, during weekdays 09:00 ~ 17:00 (UTC+8)

- Please note that the time may be changed.

※ NOTE; precautions for open Beta
Please check below precautions before using our platform.

  1. During open Beta, temporarily, deposit/withdrawal service will be available only for APIS.

  2. Please check our Two-way swap system guide before you deposit/withdraw.

  3. To stabilize an early main chain, we will combine automatic withdrawal and manual confirm for a while.

  4. Withdrawal is available 72 hours after the first deposit.

  5. APIS withdrawal will be available from Dec. 29. 2018 [14:00 UTC+8]

  6. Withdrawal of other coins except APIS will be available after a while, to stabilize the Two-way swap system.

  7. It is irreversible when you lose OTP. Please keep your recovery key safe after OTP registration.

  8. Two-way swap is only available through APIS platform.

  9. You should take responsibility for the loss caused by your carelessness while using APIS platform.

For Korean and Japanese announcement, click the link below.