APIS Wallet — Major functions & Strength News

Hello, this is APIS team.

Here we present major functions and strength of wallet.

  • Wallet: Mineral purchase, Wallet backup/delete, password reset, and 2FA setting

  • Transfer: You can check the address lists when transferring APIS and can also type in the alias of the receiver’s masking(if the receiver has registered Address Masking). You can pay fees with Minerals.

  • Smart Contract: You can generate Smart Contract and Call/Send, Smart Contract of Canvas, Smart Contract Binary Updater & Freezer, Smart Contract & Token are available as well.

  • Address Masking: You can register/hand over Address Masking or request public/commercial domain.

  • Transaction: You can review the entire records or search for an individual address and TXID.

1. PC Wallet

※Please Note※
1) POS mining and Masternode mining will stop when you close PC Wallet.
2) You need a wallet with exact 50,000 / 200,000 / 500,000APIS to participate in APIS Masternode and an extra wallet to receive reward.
3) You can not deposit with an APIS Masternoding wallet.
4) Masternoding will be closed if you withdraw from an APIS Masternoding wallet.
5) There should be enough Minerals in the wallet to participate in APIS Masternode.
6) In PC Wallet, each POS mining and Masternode participation should be done by a separate Wallet.
7) You can operate a single Wallet on a PC.

2. Web Wallet

※Please Note※
1) The Wallet is optimized for Chrome and we don’t recommend you to use Internet Explorer because of a compatibility issue.
2) Be careful of the phishing sites and access via a link on our official website.
3) Wallet use on a rooted mobile device is not safe.
4) We don’t recommend you to use the Wallet on a public network.

3. Mobile app Wallet (Android, iOS)

※Please Note※
1) Rooted mobile device is not safe to operate the Wallet.
2) Beware of hacking when saving keystore file or private key in your mobile device.
3) We don’t recommend you to use the Wallet on a public network.
4) Beware of similar goods of APIS mobile app Wallet and we recommend you to download it via link on our official website.

*Please refer to our further announcements about opening schedules.

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