Summary for the AMA with CEO at July 15 News

Hello, this is APIS Team.
We are making this announcement to share the contents of the AMA with CEO, which is held on July 15.

1. What is the current status of APIS Team?

Last week, we noticed that there were a lot of questions about the status of APIS Team, caused by the vacancy of our community manager, Alex.

APIS Team is currently operating very well, and Alex was temporarily out of community management task since we had urgent schedule on our task and needed him to work on that work. From today, Alex will be doing community management normally.

2. Tell us the brief schedule for Korean/Global exchanges listing.

The listings to Korean and global major exchanges are still in progress. It is somewhat difficult to respond in detail, as you are asking for details, because there is a problem to open details of listings during the process. However, it seems that our supporters will be able to receive news of the exchange very soon.

3. How long will it take to enhance the stability of APIS Core Wallet?

There were some report that the PoS mining feature is sometimes interrupted in the current version of the Windows APIS Core Wallet.

As a result of reviewing the report, we have confirmed that resources associated with the PoS program can not be maintained during the memory cleanup process while the memory usage in the program continues to increase. In this regard, we are working on a software patch and will be releasing updated version soon.

4. When will Zcoin masternode service be opened in APIS platform?

We apologize that the additional service and coin support did not expand quickly. ZCoin is scheduled to open after a major update of the platform. At the same time, ZCoin and additional coin supports will be opened. PoS and DPoS services other than the master node service will also be launched.

5. If possible, can you tell us whether exchange listing on progress or the listing is confirmed?

We have confirmed the listing to some of the exchanges, and currently on progress of listing on some exchanges, before the confirmation of listing.

6. When will PoS mining feature on APIS Core Wallet be stabilized?

There were some reports that the PoS feature is interrupted while running the mining for a long time. After reviewing the reports, we have confirmed that resources related to the PoS program can not be maintained during the memory cleanup process while the memory usage in the program is continuously increasing.

Regarding that, we are working on a software fix and the updated version will be released soon. Please check out the answers above to the same question.

7. Will Bit-Z deposit/withdrawal problem be fixed?

As for the resumption of withdrawal from Bit-Z Exchange, the APIS team is constantly asking for a steady normalization of deposit and withdrawal as Alex’s answer. However, Bit-Z Exchange does not accept our requests. If the Bit-Z Exchange does not normalize it until the end, we are also preparing the plan to transfer the supporters’ APIS in Bit-Z to another exchanges.

8. Bit-Z Exchange says that the deposit/withdrawal problem is based on the APIS Team’s server issue, so is it true?

It is completely unfounded that the server issues mentioned on the Bit-Z Exchange was occurred by APIS Team.

9. In addition to the exchange listing, what else is the APIS team ongoing?

We are taking steps to stabilize the platform along with the platform enhancement and expansion for service extension from the masternode service to PoS and DPoS. Additionally, we are engaged in procurement of cryptocurrencies that will be supported during expansion, strategic collaboration with other teams, development of blockchain technology, and DApps based on APIS mainnet.

10. Why did APIS Team change the roadmap to a business tab on the homepage?

After the removal of the roadmap, we are adding a page where supporters can check the progress status and progress plans for each part, as the platform is diversifying. Thank you for your understanding.

11. It is too difficult to participate in APIS Early Bird. Is there any enhancement plan for that?

APIS team is aware that early bird participation is lot harder than supporters’ expectation. We are working on solutions to resolve, hedge, or to make other choices for the problem.

12. When will the platform daily withdrawal limit be changed?

I apologize for the platform deposit and withdrawal function is not normal at present first of all. The withdrawal restrictions will be normalized soon. Preparations to normalize the withdrawal are already in progress.

13. Certain peoples attract attention and makes the mood worse in the community, and I think they need to be banned.

As you said, we have confirmed that there are some people in the community who are creating FUD. We have established various measures to solve and prevent that, but it is difficult to completely block the origin because the people are constantly creating and changing the ID, and entering the community. We will continue to find out ways to solve the problem.

14. When will APIS platform updated and ZCoin service opened?

We will post announcements about platform updates and announce specific schedule soon. ZCoin additions and major updates to APIS Platform will be finished before the next early bird period.

15. If there is no action on the Bit-z side, is there any response plan or schedule?

It is kinda hard to mention a specific time frame because it will give Bit-Z exchange a time to address the specific timing of making action to the BIt-Z exchange. Apparently, APIS team is also planning a transfer plan for supporters holding APIS at Bit-Z Exchange.

16. IT enterprise-led mainnets and DApp platforms are being announced recently. What difference does the APIS team develop over these competitors?

Lots of projects participate in the mainnet from a large IT companies, but it is difficult to develop and upgrade the necessary feature for each individual project.

Cryptocurrency teams such as ours are competitive in this area, and due to the nature of large companies, the time required for judicial review during the project is relatively long compared to the crypto team like us. We are more competitive in exploiting these competitiveness points and using a cryptocurrency/token revenue model similar to mining or mining cryptocurrencies.

17. I have been using the platform for a year now. Is it still appropriate to take proactive action?

I think there was a slight misunderstanding. The proactive actions involves platform managing and maintaining nodes related to deposit and withdrawal, continuous operation, collaboration with related teams, reviewing and fixing service extension coins, technical review and development for platform application, and judicial review, which is significantly more processes than the thought.

Proactive actions are not simply a matter of a single task, and it’s period cannot be a short one or two month period. I apologize for not being able to take action any faster.

18. I think it would be nice if APIS Team could solve the problem of the new listing, Bit-Z Exchange issue and the platform update. Are you trying to solve everything at once?

It is impossible to handle the issues you mentioned separately. Although each issue can be seen individually, each goals have some parts that are related to others, e.g. the development of the team’s technology and the platform update, or platform update and additional listing.

In addition to that, work hours are required to make progress to each goals. Other personnel who are not involved in these times are in other progress as they perform additional tasks. We are not expanding many tasks without sufficient consideration.

1. Extending and stabilizing the APIS Platform
2. Listing to additional exchanges to expand the supply of liquidity
We are working on the above two issues as our first priority.

19. Was there any action taken to CIO?

There was a reprimand to CIO. There was a slight change in time due to the unexpected situation beyond our team’s permission. Thank you for your understanding. We will be careful not to make such mistakes in further.

20. Telegram community manager was online while he wasn’t at the community task, what happened?

The team’s internal communications also use Telegram. We will care for that to prevent such community vacations.

21. When will buy-back held?

The buyback can not be officially mentioned by the team. Thank you for your understanding.

22. Is Atomic Swap development in progress?

Yes, it is. APIS Development team is constantly improving the technology.

23. Can we run the AMA session periodically?

We will review your proposal and have a periodic AMA after internal discussion.

24. What did CTO and the APIS development team do?

CTO manages whole development work and progress of APIS Team. It can be hard to see visible results in the short term. However, the provision of the entire cryptocurrency or blockchain incentive system, which we initially considered to be the service of APIS Platform, is progressing steadily and you guys will be able to see it through the platform update soon!

We are sorry for not able to give you a better and satisfiable answer. APIS Team will do our best to confirm the issues I have mentioned as soon as possible. As said on AMA session, we will conduct AMA periodically so that our community members can have more time for communication with APIS Team.

I will come back to community again with good news.

Thank you.
APIS Team.